CEONET: Communities of Eastern Ontario Network - the rural broadband centre
CEONET: Communities of Eastern Ontario Network - the rural broadband centre

Please note: CEONET is no longer active as a not-for-profit organisation. Content has been left on this website for the sake of maintaining an historical record.

As part of our broadband outreach programme, CEONET created this website in support of IT and broadband needs for rural residents and small business in this region (and elsewhere).

CEONET and its Board of Directors welcome your ideas, recommendations and suggestions.

Rural high speed
This section begins with a discussion about rural high speed. For information about high-speed options in this region, there are pages about cable, DSL, wireless and satellite.

Useful Links has five sections. Of these, three are resources for Small Business, Training Sources, as well as Research and Reference. Two pages provide links to a wide range of (often free) alternatives and sources for Free & Useful Software and Information Security.

Publications lists our Information Technology pamphlets for small offices about broadband and security.

About Us tells you about CEONET’s objectives, our project history, our volunteer Board of Directors, and how to contact us.

Items of Note

South Korea's Plans for High Speed

South Korea already claims the world's fastest internet connections. Now it has plans for even faster internet. By the end of 2012, South Korea intends to connect every home in the country to the internet at one gigabit per second.

Broadband vs Dialup Internet

You always knew there was a difference. Now for once here is a defining article that provides the pros and the cons.

Ambitious Broadband Expansion Plans for Eastern Ontario

The Warden's Caucus of Eastern Ontario is progressing on a far-reaching plan to make 10 Mbps service accessible to 95% of the region. The Eastern Ontario Regional Network, a new organisation it formed, is funded by all levels of government. As these two web sites say little at this stage, the attached communiqué may be helpful.

Given the stages through which proposals must pass, the financial contributions that must be agreed, the processes (RFQ, contractor(s) selection, contract signing), and the engineering and installation of improved and new services, this is an enormous undertaking for Eastern Ontario. And you do not have to be told, it will take time. Four years. See the EORN website for a rough annual schedule, though it is premature to release more specific details.

CRTC Holds Hearings on Rural Broadband

Make high-speed internet a "basic service" is urged by Marc Garneau at the CRTC hearings.

Rural Broadband: FAQs from Nova Scotia

Here are some useful FAQs posted by Nova Scotia about its Cross Country High Spped Wireless Internet programme.

Rural Broadband: Do-It-Yourself

Do It-Yourself: it's been done before in Sweden. Click here for an example from Cumbria, UK.
And here is a recent article about the call for rural self-help from Britain.

Growth of the Internet & How It works

Click here to view some really interesting graphics. Be sure to activate both tabs.